Audit Defence Services in Toronto and GTA

Audit Defence

Being audited by the CRA is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  While the auditor’s function is to insure compliance with the law, many government auditors are often pressed for time and will make assumptions based upon prior experience or statistics, without tailoring their approach to your individual situation or business.  It’s imperative that the auditor remain objective, assuring the taxpayer of his or her rights.

Very often, auditors request information without explaining how the information will be used, plus they may not explain properly what might happen to tax payers who have information missing. Because of these issues, errors or assumptions can occur on the part of the auditor and as a result, an assessment could result in penalties costing the taxpayer thousands of dollars. Never take chances with the CRA tax audit. Hire tax audit experts who will make sure your rights are protected and information is appropriately understood.

As experienced tax professionals, we focus our tax practice on helping individuals and businesses resolve their tax audit problems. We bring a depth of financial and tax experience to the tax resolution arena along with a great deal of insight as to the most effective ways to handle an tax audit. We sensitively guide you through the procedure and explain exactly what you need to know and what to do.

More often than not, we can arrange it so that you will not have to meet with an auditor or tax agent. So, don’t go in alone. It’s a scary feeling to face the CRA alone and we can help make the experience less frightening. Remember, every taxpayer has the fundamental right of due process, fairness and representation.

It is very important to hire tax resolution experts who can professionally asses your options, defend your position and get you all your rights.

In summary the tax audit services we provide include: CRA Income Tax Audit, GST/HST Tax Audit,  Payroll CRA Audit, Tax Audit Representation, Help with WSIB Audit, etc.