Tax & Accounting Services in Toronto

Looking for a First-Class Tax and Accounting Service?

Full Service

We are a full service business that have experienced partners that have real world experience assisting individuals and businesses.

Timely Service

Rapid solutions to the most complex challenges.  All of our employees own a piece of the business so client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Progressive Technology

Let us show you the latest in advances in technology in accounting & tax to assist you in spending less time and energy on admin tasks so you can focus on the things that bring value to you.


Personal Tax Services

We assist clients in all of their personal taxation matters and ensure they get the largest tax refund possible, and also plan taxes for the year coming up to be most tax efficient.  Let us keep you apprised of all new tax incentives and deductions that the Canada Revenue Agency releases.

Business Taxes

We do business tax filings (T2, HST, Payroll, etc.) for all different types of industries and sizes.  It’s imperative to have a good accountant that can ensure that you are putting the business in the best tax position possible today and moving forward.  We work with our business owners to plan for their growth, and what steps they need to take to ensure profit maximization.

Tax Planning

Let our experts give you tax planning advice that will ensure you can take advantage of benefits before windows of opportunity are gone.  There are some instances whereby planning ahead of certain events are the only way you can take advantage – let us help your business reap the benefits.

Innovative Technology

Our goal is to have all of our clients to be using the most innovative technology and programs to help save you time and money.  Along with the rest of the world, tax and accounting have advanced technologically also, let us help you harness these effective tools.

Audits, Reviews, Preparation of Financial Statements

We provide services to businesses for auditing, reviews, and notice to readers.  Is your business looking to get a loan or line of credit, let’s discuss on how these services could help you get it

Audit Defence

When you are personally or have your business being audited, ensure to have a professional on your side who has gone through the process before.  We assist from day one of the audit to the conclusion, and ensure that the audit is resloved fairly and efficiently with the least disruption to you or your business

helping businesses and individuals maximize their
tax savings.